Pick a name, any name!

LynnHowdy from Texas!  Unlike my colleagues, I’m not writing from the airport but from my hotel room in downtown Houston.  The students I’ve met this week have been both very interesting and quite interested in Holy Cross.   I’ll be spending time in San Antonio and Austin before catching a plane to Nashville. 

The tip that came to mind during my recent visits was this:  As you begin your college search, pick a name and stick with it!  Be sure that you use the same name when you fill out online inquiry forms, cards at a college fair table or high school visit, and sign in sheets when you visit for campus tours.  Why?  First, we’re keeping track of these contacts, and the only way we’ll know you’re the same person is if you use the same name.  This will also prevent you from receiving duplicate mailings from colleges.  Isn’t one Holy Cross view book to add to the giant pile on your desk/floor/closet enough?  The best bet is to use the name that will appear on your application, transcripts etc.  So sorry Frank, but Francis it may have to be.  Many schools may also ask you for your preferred name or nickname, so you don’t have to start answering to "Gertrude" again if you’ve spent years training others to call you Gertie. 

So give your parents a quick scowl if you don’t care for the name they chose for you, and write it on that form anyway.

Lynn Verrecchia
Assistant Director of Admissions

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