Worcester – The Greatest City on Earth

Drew In one of my earlier posts this year, I lauded the many benefits of Worcester, specifically tacos, tea and trails.  But, now that it’s April and high school seniors are making finally their choices for college, it’s time that I stepped up my game just a bit.  While in my earlier post, it may have seemed as though I had a crush on Worcester, that is simply not true.  I am here today to reveal myself, to proclaim my deepest feelings – this is no crush.  This is true love.

But enough about me.  The real question is – why should YOU love Worcester?  Answering that question is a challenge I gladly accept.

I’m sure everyone is very familiar with all the famous things that were invented here in Worcester – electricity, beauty, the automobile, nuclear weapons, monkeys and flowers.  But one of our inventions that sometimes gets overlooked will most certainly have a serious impact on your college experience – pizza.  But, Worcester does not rest on its laurels for simply inventing pizza – we continue to hone our craft.  The world’s best pizza makers are here in Worcester today.  Let me highlight just a few:

CORNER GRILLE: thin crust, cut in squares, enough variety to keep you entertained for more than four years.  WARNING: If you’re afraid of improving the deliciousness of your life, do not eat their pizza.

WONDER BAR: a Worcester landmark on its most famous street – Shrewsbury Street.  They’re too busy making their homemade sauce to make a website so you’ll have to believe me when I say their pizza will inspire you.  Don’t believe me?  Well, ask singer Martin Sexton who wrote the lyrics to one of the best albums of the decade while sitting at their counter eating one of their pepperoni pies.

PEPPERCORNS: all you need to know about this place is what they themselves say on their website: “We believe we have created the best Neapolitan (thin crust) pizza on Earth.”  That may sound arrogant but it’s not because they’re right.  They have created the best thin crust pizza on Earth.

CIAO BELLA: they don’t waste their time with silly things such as websites or credit cards.  They spend every hour of every day focused on creating a circus in your mouth.  So bring your cash and bring your flashlight so that when you take your first bite, you can open up and shine a spotlight on the greatest show on Earth.

So come to Worcester for the tacos, the tea, the trails and the pizza and as a bonus, while you’re here, we’ll get you a liberal education that is second to none.

Andrew N Carter
Associate Director of Admissions
College of the Holy Cross

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